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This course will teach you the fundamentals of the traditional Indian drum, Tabla. Traditionally this knowledge was only attained by studying with a guru. Now we are bringing the guru to your fingertips, to get you playing in weeks, not years. Tabla is played in Solo or Accompaniment to singers of Classical, Bollywood, Ghazal, Bhajans, Qawaalis and more. The instruments the Tabla typically accompanies are usually from the Classical realms with the likes of Sitar, Sarod, Bansuri and Santoor. You will have a solid foundation of knowledge to progress to our course on jannatmusic . com or if you have a guru who can guide you to mastery in Solo playing and Accompaniment to singers and instrumentalists. The curriculum is structured into 3 sections to build upon your knowledge at each step. 1. Get to know tabla 2. Basic Sounds 3. Strength Building Exercises



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